Abama Luxury Residences

We created a beautiful responsive website to promote the high-end real estate available at this exclusive Tenerife resort.

Abama Luxury Residences web design
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    • Responsive web design
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  • Project website www.abamahotelresort.com

A lovely project for a luxury product

Abama is a luxury residential resort offering high-end property to buy and also short term luxury holiday rentals. Situated on the island of Tenerife, it offers stunning views and a range of five-star services and installations that include a world renowned golf course, a private beach and luxury leisure facilities.

The administators of Abama knew of our experience in the real estate sector and asked us to bring our knowledge and expertise of online real estate promotion to their web project. This was a great opportunity for us to use our skills in an area we know well, and we were also excited to work with a team that was very open to suggestions and ideas about online strategy.

Planning and a responsive design process

We started by making an in-depth analysis of the existing site, looking at the content that was already in place and working with the client to determine what we really needed to present in order to best support the business requirements.

The focus of the site was to be on the sale of the luxury residences, along with the promotion of the luxury holiday rentals. We put together a new site structure and information hierarchy and made sure that the site was focused correctly on the client’s needs. We also gave recommendations on the content development, working with the client and the copywriter to bring together the content that the project needed.

With the analysis and structural foundations set, we worked to produce an initial set of wireframes. With the client’s feedback and input we were able to quickly reach broad agreement on our ideas for presenting the content and establishing the user flow across the site. We paid great attention to setting up clear calls to action throughout the site, always thinking of our success measures and how to best reinforce the site’s objectives.

Although this was our client’s first responsive project, we were fortunate that they understood the benefits that a responsive site would give them and they were very much on board with the workflow that we followed. We moved from static wireframe to browser-based wireframes quite quickly and the client was able to see exactly how their content would be delivered on their phones, tablets and desktops.

The site’s visual design required an appropriate communication of the resort’s luxury services offer. We were pleased to have available a library of stunning resort photography, and this was used as a focal point of the design. We made use of strong imagery along with generous spacing of elements on the page and attractive typography to deliver a visual design that was well received by the client.

Abama responsive web design project

Amazing imagery of the resort was a key feature in our design for Abama.

Ongoing support and development

Our collaboration on this project is ongoing and we continue to provide additional support for the client. We’ve designed and built a set of email templates that can be used for promotional campaigns, and have advised on list and campaign management. We also look regularly at the site to check for performance issues, making sure that the site continues to be fast and efficient.

We recently added a blog to the site and have also implemented a third-party booking system to support the holiday rentals.

This has been a great project to work on. It allows us to use our skills and experience within a business sector that we know very well, and we have already been able to see that the site is having positive effects on property sales.

If you’re in the market for a luxury Tenerife holiday home, or even just a round of golf on the magnificent course at Abama, then do take a look at the site.

DigitalHappy helped us create and develop our new website for Abama Luxury Residences. Since then, our sales have improved and we have had a strong increase in leads coming from international markets. This has made a huge difference and has helped to position Abama as one of the top luxury golf and beach resort destinations in Europe.

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