Project sector Real estate


WeRelocate needed a new website to strengthen their position in the very competitive online real estate sector.

Information architecture
Content management
CRM integration
Responsive design
Front-end design
User interface and experience
Back-end development
Property search
Visual design
SEO optimisation
WeRelocateBcn responsive web design screenshots

Creating a strong online presence and brand personality

We were pleased to deliver a website with a user interface and experience that allows WeRelocate to stand out as a highly credible and talented Barcelona real estate agency.

We implemented a robust integration with the client’s third-party real estate CRM, pulling all property data live to the site and then sorting and displaying appropriately.

Alongside our implementation of an intuitive and easy-to-use multilingual content management system, WeRelocate have all the tools they need to deliver their properties and content to their users.

WeRelocateBcn responsive web design screenshots

Delivering real and measurable results

In the competitive real estate space, our website for WeRelocate draws on our extensive experience in this sector and maximises our skills and know-how to deliver a fast, SEO focused solution that brings real leads, results and a good ROI.

  • Real estate expertise

    We apply our deep knowledge and experience of web design and build for the real estate sector.

  • Multilingual CMS

    We provide full multilingual content management to the WeRelocate team.

  • CRM integration

    Property information is pulled live from a third-party CRM with our robust integration.

  • Brand development

    We applied and extended the client’s brand for this new online presence.

  • SEO optimisation

    We combine our site building skills and SEO awareness to help our client in a very competitive market.

  • Blog design & build

    Our blog integration allows our client to easily reach out to their users with custom content.

WeRelocateBcn responsive web design screenshots

We are very happy with the result of our project with DigitalHappy and especially with the way our teams worked together. A very clear process, good understanding of our business and what we want to achieve, combined with the best technology and skills resulted in a fantastic website. We are looking forward to keep adding functionality and content to our website and further integrations with our CRM systems.

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