12 June 2020

Integrating Inmovilla CRM for live property feeds

We’ve worked with a number of real estate CRMs and a recent integration with Inmovilla was a very positive experience.

We do a lot of web design and development work within the real estate sector and these web projects will typically involve the display of the client’s property portfolio. How to store and model the property data is always an important questions to address right at the start of the project. For modestly sized portfolios, it may be enough to use the website CMS (content management system) to hold the property data but with larger portfolios it will often make sense to work with a CRM that is designed specifically for property data and sales management.

We recently integrated Inmovilla CRM as part of our collaboration with WeRelocateBcn. The property data is pulled live via Inmovilla’s api to the web site where we process and template it as needed on the front-end.

When it comes to Integrating a third-party service, two key elements to look for are good documentation and a responsive support team. Inmovilla score really well on both counts, providing both a detailed guide to their api and a knowledgable support team. Together these can make a big difference to a project and we’re really happy with the Inmovilla experience.

Of course, a good CRM offers much more than just data storage and an api. For real estate clients, it will also manage all client leads and the sales funnel, and Inmovilla offers a lot of functionality in this respect. And certainly from a real estate web design and development perspective, it’s a reliable system to work with.

For more information about our services or to talk about a property web project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.