16 June 2020

The cobbler's children have new shoes

We finally have our new site up and running with a new front-end design, an updated portfolio and a huge sense of relief!

We’ve finally managed to get our own new website redesigned and rebuilt, finally putting an end to a classic case of cobbler’s children syndrome. It’s great that we’ve been too busy with client projects to address our own site needs, but we really should have resolved much sooner. I have firm intentions now to keep this new site better aligned with our ongoing business needs.

The front-end design is all new, incorporating fresh typographical choices for our brand and an updated colour scheme. But most importantly we’ve finally updated our projects portfolio and are now showing works that are more representative of where we are as a company. The current portfolio brings with it a lot of new content which should help to communicate better what we do for our clients and how we’re able to deliver real value for their businesses with our core web design and development skills.

The front-end code is also all new and more in line with our current coding practises and we’re pleased with the speed and clarity of the results.

We’re also able to provide a more current set of testimonials and we’re really proud of each happy client.

We have more content ideas and features to design and develop for the site, but for now we’re pleased to ship this new version and will look forward to regularly iterating and delivering updates.