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We support Lucas Fox with modern, responsive web design and bespoke application development that gives them a competitive edge in the high-end international real estate sector.

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A long-term collaboration and working relationship

We’ve worked with the fine people at Lucas Fox for around 8 years, providing front-end web design and back-end custom application development, both of which are integral to their success as a leading luxury real estate company. In a highly competitive market and an increasingly crowded online space, Lucas Fox continue to stand out with its quality and attention to detail.

A modern and responsive front-end

From the very start Lucas Fox have recognized the value of a great online presence, and we work with their management and marketing team to produce a front-end design and build that is attractive, easy-to-use and high on performance.

The core functionality of the site allows users to search the property database and view properties of interest. We’ve created interfaces that allow users to make searches quickly, browse listings easily and finally view properties that match their requirements. We then make sure that we create calls to action that are appropriate for the user’s requirements and the site’s business needs.

The property search represents one of the site’s main design challenges. There have been several iterations of this feature over the years, and the current search feature is the result of detailed analysis and A/B testing, and uses a look-ahead location search in combination with more standard drop-downs for other property filters.

Lucas Fox responsive search module

The Lucas Fox responsive search module works well across all screen sizes and affords the user an easy-to-use property search process.

The property listing and detail views are the main areas of interest to the user, delivering here the key site content. We make sure that search listings are returned to the user as quickly and efficiently as possible and the property detail pages are designed with a strong focus on information and conversion.

With a site of this size, we’re lucky to have access to extensive data showing site usage and user behaviour and we use this together with regular A/B testing to inform our design and development decisions.

With around 50% of the site’s total traffic coming from mobile devices or tablets, the importance of a responsive site is clear and we have a strong focus on delivering the site content quickly and appropriately to all users. This is very much a continuous process, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the overall experience and performance of the site.

Custom application development

While the front-end design and development in itself is a large-scale project, the back-end development for this project is also of considerable scope.

We’ve built a custom CRM application that is used by the client to manage their sales process and leads. It implements modules and functionality for all core business processes, including client and sales lead management, property management and matching processes, sales agent / user management.

The CRM represents 8 years of ongoing development and collaboration and has been integral to the business growth and success enjoyed by Lucas Fox.

Digital support services and a roadmap for the future

In addition to the core design and development required by the project, we also provide ongoing marketing and content support. Lucas Fox email campaigns are created and delivered using our responsive email newsletter and promotional templates, and we actively collaborate with the content and marketing teams on blog content design and delivery.

We have a clear roadmap of future development and our collaboration with Lucas Fox is very much an ongoing project. We’re continually working on improving and extending the site’s core functionality are looking forward to shipping more exciting features throughout 2015 and beyond.

DigitalHappy have worked with us for many years and have helped us to establish ourselves as a leader in a highly competitive market. Their web design and development skills, together with their analytical and business skills, make them a valuable partner and they add great value to our corporate strategy.

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