Barcelona Inside and Out

We built a modern, responsive web site to showcase BCNIO’s unique offering of tantalising tours and holiday experiences.

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Unique experiences for the curious traveller

Barcelona Inside and Out (BCNIO) organise unique tours, trips and experiences for visitors keen to explore Barcelona (and beyond). They have a small team that brings both great experience and a genuine enthusiasm to the experiences that they organise for their clients.

When we first spoke with Anthony (founder of BCNIO), we heard that the existing site wasn’t meeting their expectations in terms of client acquirement and overall visibility. They felt that the design didn’t reflect their values and product offer, and didn’t allow them to present themselves appropriately to their target audience. On a technical note, the site was running on WordPress and Anthony felt that the implementation wasn’t a good fit for their content needs and usage.

Discovery and planning

We started an initial discovery phase where we identified the pain points experienced on the current site, and we examined in depth the real needs for the site, focusing on content types and distribution, appropriate calls to action and of course, conversions.

The deliverables at the end of the discovery and investigation phase were a set of detailed wireframes showing our ideas for content display across the key pages of the site. Feedback was very positive at this stage and the wireframes provided a great point of reference for further discussion and ideas. We soon reached agreement on the approach to take, and were able to move forward with the visual design.

Visual design and development

BNCIO had an existing logo in place and this allowed us to define a colour scheme for the site as a whole. We decided to use different colours from the logo to signal different page types within the site (About, Activities, Blog) and we also used the logo as a reference for the site typography, specifically echoing the logo with uppercase page titles and then using the same font family for body copy.

The principal attraction of BCNIO’s offer are their spectacular, unique experiences and Anthony was clear that he wished to communicate this visually through the use of great photography. We decided then to lead each experience with a featured image carefully selected by BCNIO, and we also planned for body content on the page to contain a gallery component (with captioning).

Many of the experiences also display example tours, and we created a layout that would allow site editors to create day-to-day example itineraries describing each day’s activity.

The layouts include a strong focus on conversions with calls to action presented clearly and appropriately on the page, prompting visitors to contact BCNIO or to join the mailing list for updates.

Build and content management

For the build of the site, we recommended using Perch, which is our CMS of choice for projects of this scope. It’s easy to use for site editors and it allows us to create a very intuitive environment for the management of structured content across the whole site.

Anthony was very aware of the importance of a fast, modern, responsive site and it was good to collaborate with a client that recognises the value in this. We always work hard to make our sites as fast as possible and this site is no exception.

The result is a very nice looking site that meets the client’s business needs and allows them to communicate their values and unique offer. We’re really looking forward to continuing our work on the project as we move forward and are able to gather significant usage statistics to analyse and act on.

If you’re looking for unique experiences in Barcelona (and Beyond), do take a look at Barcelona Inside and Out and we’re sure you’ll find something that excites you!

DigitalHappy quickly understood what we needed, took our ideas and created an excellent website for us. Simon’s suggestions were spot on. He listened to what we wanted and immediately came back with inspired ideas that worked. Throughout the process his friendly, professional, no-nonsense approach helped keep us focused on what was important. If you need a fast, responsive and beautifully laid out website then look no further.

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