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Arum Group

We designed and developed a responsive website to showcase Arum Group’s select portfolio of large-scale resort management projects.

Information architecture
Content management
Responsive design
Front-end design
User interface and experience
Visual design
Archived project
This is an older, archived project that we're including because we really enjoyed working on it ;)
Arum Group responsive web design screenshots

A business portfolio website for an exclusive client

Having successfully worked together on the Abama project, Arum asked us to take on the project of designing and building their company site.

Arum Group manage a limited but very exclusive portfolio of projects, and the website needed to reflect their exclusivity and very high professional standards.

Arum Group responsive web design screenshots

Delivering a professional image and demonstrating expertise

For the visual design we were able to make use of great images from the client’s managed resorts, as well as a fine set of images showing their designer office space.

The end result is a site that effectively communicates Arum Group’s professionalism and exclusive management skills, and we’re very happy to continue working with this client on other projects within their portfolio.

  • Multilingual

    The website is configured for multiple languages for an international reach.

  • CMS implementation

    Site editors have control over site structure and content via the content management system.

  • Brand application

    We worked with existing offline brand guidelines to develop an online look and feel for the company.

Arum Group responsive web design screenshots

Creating the new Arum Group website with DigitalHappy has helped us offer a very clear and elegant company presentation. With their perfectionism and analytical skills, they managed to highlight our values, our experience and our expertise and communicate exactly the message that was expected. We are very happy with the results obtained.

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