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We produced a modern responsive website to showcase Arum Groups’s select portfolio of large-scale resort management projects.

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A high-level client with unique business services

Arum Group are a highly specialised services provider for large-scale planned community leisure resorts. They have a very focused portfolio of resort management projects and are responsible for the management, development and financial return of these projects.

We previously worked with Arum Group when they approached us to work on the website for Abama Luxury Residences, one of the main resort projects in their portfolio. Having successfully worked together on the Abama project, Arum asked us to take on the project of designing and building their company site.

Arum Group deliberately manage a limited but very exclusive portfolio of projects, and the website needed to reflect their exclusivity and very high professional standards. In terms of business objectives, the site needed to clearly present the existing portfolio along with an explanation of the key services offered. Given the exclusive, high-level nature of Arum’s business sector, the site was not required to actively attempt to sell Arum to site visitors. Rather, it was a case of presenting a quality online brochure to demonstrate the company’s history, achievements and ambition.

Planning the project and getting started

We worked out with the client what the key content areas should be, put together the site structure and got to work on the initial wireframes. Having already worked with this client on the Abama project, all the key project stakeholders were familiar with the phases of the design process. The wireframing allowed all participants to provide input and give feedback at an early stage, and we were confident that we could move forward with the project knowing that the direction we were taking was correct and approved.

At this point we were also working with Arum’s copywriter. Having real, well-written copy to work with is always such a great help on a project. With the wireframes defined and the content developed to a good level, we put together the visual design. Using the existing logo as a starting point for the styles, we defined the colour scheme and the typography to be used, and produced an initial set of visuals to demonstrate the proposed look and feel of the site.

The site needed to present its content in two languages (English and Spanish) and given the relatively small scale of the project, we turned to Perch to take care of the content management. The client was also familiar with this CMS from our work on the Abama project, and so it was a logical choice both for us and for the client.

Arum Group web design project

We used strong imagery of the Arum Group offices along with striking photography of projects from their portfolio.

A central part of our idea for the visual design was the use of images of the Arum headquarters. The client was happy to organise a photo shoot for us and the result was a set of great images that are quite striking on screen and appropriately communicate the style and vision of Arum. We also asked for a cohesive set of images of the company’s key personnel and these looked great on the team presentation page.

The end result is a site that effectively communicates Arum Group’s professionalism and exclusive management skills, and we’re very happy to continue working with this client on other projects within their portfolio.

Creating the new Arum Group website with DigitalHappy has helped us with a very clear and elegant company presentation. With their perfectionism and analytical skills, they managed to highlight our values, our experience and our expertise and communicate exactly the message that was expected. We are very happy with the results obtained.

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