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Barcelona Inside and Out

We designed and developed a modern, responsive web site to showcase BCNIO’s unique offering of tantalising tours and holiday experiences.

Information architecture
Content management
Responsive design
Front-end design
User interface and experience
Visual design
Archived project
This is an older, archived project that we're including because we really enjoyed working on it ;)
Barcelona Inside and Out responsive web design screenshots

Presenting a unique offer and demonstrating expertise

It’s a big responsibility to work with small business owners and help them present their offer online, especially when they themselves are integral to the product. Anthony’s knowledge and carefully designed tours are quite unique and we enjoyed the challenge of presenting them on the website.

We worked together to categorise and organise the available tours, and created content modules to allow flexible and extensible content management across the site.

Barcelona Inside and Out responsive web design screenshots

Showing capability and meeting business needs

The result is a nice brochure wise that meets the client’s business needs and allows BCNIO to communicate their values and product offer.

The site is fast and well structured to deliver both a good user experience and to maximise the site’s SEO potential. We’re looking forward to working more with Anthony on the next iterations of the website.

  • CMS implementation

    Full content control is available throughout the site with the intuitive content management system.

  • Blog module

    News and updates are delivered through the site’s blogging module which is integrated with the CMS.

  • Fast and lightweight

    We help deliver a great user experience with a site that is speedy, lean and clean.

Barcelona Inside and Out responsive web design screenshots

DigitalHappy quickly understood what we needed, took our ideas and created an excellent website for us. Throughout the process Simon’s friendly, professional, no-nonsense approach helped keep us focused on what was important. If you need a fast, responsive and beautifully laid out website then look no further.

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