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Mallorca Property

One of the largest real estate providers on the island, we support Mallorca Property with a fast and modern website to showcase their quality property portfolio.

Information architecture
Content management
CRM integration
Responsive design
Front-end design
User interface and experience
Back-end development
Property search
Visual design
SEO optimisation
Mallorca Property responsive web design screenshots

Long-term success and client collaboration

We’ve worked with the Mallorca Property team for many years, providing them with web design and development services to present their real estate offer online.

We implemented a nightly import routine to sync property data between the client’s third-party CRM and the site’s content management system.

The CMS also allows the client’s editing team to effectively manage content across the site, including landing pages for each property location and type. This content strategy helps the client to rank for their chosen keywords and phrases.

Mallorca Property responsive web design screenshots

SEO optimisation always at the forefront

With SEO positioning always in mind, we have also implemented automated meta titles and descriptions for all properties, reducing the burden of content creation from the client side and ensuring unique content for these items.

  • CRM integration

    Property information is synced and processed nightly from the client’s third-party CRM.

  • CMS implementation

    The content management system provides the client with intuitive control over all site content.

  • Long-term client

    We’re pleased to have collaborated with the Mallorca Property team over the last ten years.

  • Property search

    The site’s search module allows users quick and easy filtering and sorting of properties.

  • Blog module

    The site’s blog provides editors with a robust channel for content creation and distribution.

  • SEO optimisation

    We use our SEO experience and awareness to help the client position for their target keywords and searches.

Mallorca Property responsive web design screenshots

DigitalHappy study user experience and remain in close contact during the design process and we found their attention to detail and our needs was fantastic. Their input was highly productive and we can absolutely recommend DigitalHappy.

Antonio Fuster Antonio Fuster Mallorca Property