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La Manga Club Properties

We delivered a great-looking responsive website to showcase the real estate portfolio available at one of Europe’s premier sport and leisure destinations.

Information architecture
Content management
CRM integration
Responsive design
Front-end design
User interface and experience
Property search
Visual design
SEO optimisation
La Manga Club Properties responsive web design screenshots

Creating interest and presenting real estate products

Core areas of this project are the management and presentation of both the client’s resales property portfolio and their own property projects available within the resort.

Our design lends focus to the in-house projects and we make use of image galleries and video content to communicate the quality of the product offer. A bespoke document resources library is built into the content management system which allows the client to assign supporting documents (brochures, floor plans etc.) to each project.

La Manga Club Properties responsive web design screenshots

Results driven and sales focused design and development

The property resales area of the website draws on our wide experience of web design and development in the real estate sector, and we present the user with appropriate search tools, property listings and modern layouts.

Clear calls to action are included throughout the site and all leads are pushed directly to the client’s third-party CRM for follow-up.

  • Property search

    We provide the user with search tools to filter and sort property listings.

  • CMS implementation

    Our content management system implementation gives site editors fine control over site content.

  • CRM integration

    The site integrates with HubSpot as part of the overall sales and lead management process.

  • Multilingual

    The website is presented in several languages and is extensible for the addition of more languages as required.

  • Blog module

    The site’s multilingual blog module provides a robust platform for the publication of additional content.

  • Flexible content

    The CMS can easily be extended to offer new content types such as recent webinar and virtual tour listings.

La Manga Club Properties responsive web design screenshots

I have worked with DigitalHappy since 2014, creating websites for all our resorts and have always been pleased with the quality of every project. I very much appreciate their support, giving us the best solutions for every situation, and they play a key role in the success of our projects.

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