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Lucas Fox International Properties

We support Lucas Fox with quality web design and bespoke development that gives them a competitive edge in the high-end international real estate sector.

Information architecture
Content management
CRM integration
Responsive design
Front-end design
User interface and experience
Back-end development
Property search
Email design and marketing
Visual design
Offline design
SEO optimisation
Lucas Fox International Properties responsive web design screenshots

Long-term design, development and digital support

We’ve worked with the fine people at Lucas Fox for around 10 years, providing front-end web design and bespoke back-end development services to help them stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly crowded online space.

Our advisory role within the company on everything digital means that we are able to lend our know-how to many areas of the organisation. This all round digital support combines with our web design and development to help position them as a reference point in the Spanish real estate sector.

Lucas Fox International Properties responsive web design screenshots

Continuous assessment and development

We work continually on improving current features and designing and developing new features to reinforce their position as a market leader.

We recently delivered a comprehensive front-end update for the site and our ongoing development work with the client’s CRM is a challenge that we enjoy, delivering measurable value for both internal users and customers.

  • CRM integrations

    We provide custom CRM integrations and development, providing Lucas Fox with a suite of bespoke tools.

  • Custom development

    We use our in-depth company insight to develop features for both internal and client-facing use.

  • SEO optimisation

    Our site building knowledge and best practises support in-house marketing and SEO efforts.

  • Email marketing

    We support marketing efforts and client journeys with our email design and marketing skills and experience.

  • Digital strategy

    Our high-level advisory role for digital marketing means that our experience and insight can touch on many key operational areas.

  • Technical roadmap

    Our role as company technical lead leverages our deep knowledge of the client’s business and we add value with our recommendations and advice.

Lucas Fox International Properties responsive web design screenshots

DigitalHappy have worked with us for many years and have helped us to establish ourselves as a leader in a highly competitive market. Their web design and development skills, together with their analytical and business skills, make them a valuable partner and they add great value to our corporate strategy.

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