31 August 2021

New features and project work for Lucas Fox International Properties

We love our ongoing collaboration with Lucas Fox International Properties and we’ve been busy with the design and development of some new features.

Designing a “before and after” image module

A recent feature was the design and development of a “before and after” image module. This is particularly useful to show a property’s potential by comparing current imagery with generated renders. We got to work and built out a module that can handle multiple image pairs and which is fully content-managed by the admin team. The result is pretty neat and definitely adds value for users where appropriate source imagery is available. Here is a nice example of a property with before and after imagery available.

Refining media displays for properties

Another new feature was a revision of how we present media (image gallery, video, virtual tours, before and after imagery etc.) on each property detail page. Most media items on the site open up with a fullscreen overlay and we wanted to allow users to switch from one media item to another from within the same overlay. This would provide a more streamlined experience and give the users more intuitive access to all media items.

We spent some time reviewing the overlay presentation and put together an implementation that met our requirements. When any media item is opened, the overlay now also includes a footer navigation to all available media items and users can easily move from one item to another. There are examples of the new media groupings on this property and also on this property.

A microsite relaunch and design

We had previously designed and developed a microsite to support a Lucas Fox marketing campaign and the team decided to adapt their approach and migrate the microsite content to a very focused single page site. We worked with the team to take this from wireframes to visual design and through to implementation within the content management system. The finished website is a great-looking page with a clear focus on conversion and so far we’ve seen very positive feedback.

As ever, if you have a project that could benefit from our skills and experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.