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We produced a responsive web design project for this exclusive and unique Ibiza accommodation and concierge services provider.

Vippies responsive web design project
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Web design for unique Ibiza accommodation and concierge services

Vippies Ibiza provide exclusive short-term rental accommodation with apartments in two of Ibiza’s most recognised and emblematic buildings, Las Boas de Ibiza and Patio Blanco. They also provide high-end concierge services for its guests, making sure that stays with Vippies are a truly memorable experience.

We had previously worked on another web design project with the developers of the two buildings and were approached by Vippies to use our knowledge of the market and the product to deliver a site that would allow them to promote their short-term rental services and high-end concierge offer.

A stunning product and service offer

The two buildings, Las Boas de Iiza and Patio Blanco, really are quite spectacular and are well known on the island for their unique style. We knew that the buildings themselves would provide the main focus of the site and decided to make use of stunning photography to demonstrate their striking individuality.

We created image galleries for each building, together with a presentation of the key info for each building, and the accompanying strong calls to action on the pages allow users to enquire about availability.

We also handled the branding and logo design of this project, delivering a logo that is fresh and vibrant.

For anyone looking to visit Ibiza and enjoy the luxury of some incredible accommodation, take a look at Vippies.

DigitalHappy created a professional and highly attractive website for us, and their customer care and attention is superb. We are delighted with our choice of web professionals and they will remain our first choice for future projects.

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