Lucas Fox Style

We created a custom, responsive WordPress blog to showcase Lucas Fox’s new lifestyle brand and deliver the content of the talented writing team.

Lucas Fox Style responsive blog design
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A lifestyle blog with a strong focus on unique, high-quality content

As part of our ongoing work for Lucas Fox, we also have the opportunity to work on other projects that form part of Lucas Fox’s marketing and business development plans.

One such project was the design and development of a lifestyle blog. The aim of the Lucas Fox Style blog is to allow Lucas Fox to create and present content that is related to their business area (high-end property) but which wouldn’t necessarily form a core part of their main site content. Producing this type of tenentially related content is a good approach in terms of both brand positioning and search engine strategy, and it is a perfect match for the talented marketing and writing team at Lucas Fox.

Having established that the site should allow the team to present a large amount of regular content, it was clear that a blog was required and we quickly decided on WordPress as our platform of choice for this project. In addition to our own experience in designing and developing with WordPress, the content team also had prior experience with this platform and so it was a choice that made sense from a production and business point of view.

Getting started: style guide and information hierarchy

The Lucas Fox Style logo had already been developed but we needed to extend and develop the brand styles for the web. We came up with typography and colour styles for screen use, and created an overall style guide for the web site.

We mapped out with the editorial and marketing team how we would structure the site and listed the types of content that we would expect to find on the site. The editorial team had a good idea of what they wanted to produce, and that really helped us to formulate clear navigation and structural patterns on the site. We decided to create a principal top level navigation using WordPress categories, and then apply a simple system of tags to allow for cross-referencing of content.

We also decided to highlight visually the most recent post of any given category or tag archive in order to create a series of special features and allow us to signal most recent articles very clearly to the user.

The blog uses great imagery and strong, original content to excellent effect.

Great content and great results

The Lucas Fox Style blog has some fantastic articles, and this is a good example of how we’re able to build a site that really works to showcase the content. We always stress the importance of content and how we should take a content-first approach for best results. In this case, the content team were on board right from the start and the result is a great-looking blog that has a very strong focus on the delivery of the excellent content.

To support the site, we also designed email marketing templates which are used to send updates on articles to the site’s subscribers. The emails are responsives (of course), on-brand and built using Mailchimp’s templating language and systems. This gives us emails that are robust and enjoy excellent deliverability across all major email clients.

This has been an interesting project to work on, and it’s always a pleasure to work with excellent content providers. Furthermore, it’s a project where we can see real results as we measure the project’s impact on the wider marketing campaigns of Lucas Fox.

We approached Digital Happy to create a fresh, modern, user-friendly design with a strong emphasis on imagery. We could not have wished for a better result. The website is absolutely stunning, perfect for mobile and tablet browsing and with an easy-to-use back-end system. The team are hugely supportive and are always on hand for any technical issues we may have. They are a first-rate design and development company.

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