Lending Deposit

We worked with Lending Deposit to create a focused, transparent presentation of their innovative approach to investments through crowdlending.

Lending Deposit responsive web design project
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A transparent approach and a fresh, modern site

Lending Deposit is a breath of fresh air in the investment sector and champions the innovative use of crowdlending to provide high returns for its investors.

Given the often complex nature of their business sector, Lending Deposit were keen to create a site that was able to clearly and succinctly communicate the advantages of their investment model to potential users.

Content analysis and site structure

We started by looking very carefully at the first content drafts that the Lending Deposit team had prepared. It’s always very interesting and useful for us to look objectively at client content, to evaluate if the core messages are well communicated and to determine how we might be able to make improvements.

In this case, we made a number of suggestions about how to structure and organsie the content in a way that allowed the user to better understand the company’s offer and business model.

With the revised content at an advanced stage, we were able to define an more focused site structure. We advocated a clear three step approach (Benefits > Method > Team) in order to take the user through a logical series of content areas, finally arriving at the point where they are equipped to engage with the service.

Visual design and build

We put together a colour scheme and defined the typography for the site, creating a base look and feel that communicated fresh ideas but also trustworthiness and confidence.

Working with the client, we set out the initial wireframes, working out how we wanted to present the site content and how best to direct the user through the pages. We decided to break up areas of longer, more technical content with supporting quotes from partners of the company. This is a nice device to put a human face on the content, and also helps to communicate values of honesty and transparency which is important for the client.

Lending Deposit responsive web design project

We chose some nice imagery to help Lending Deposit communicate their core ideas.

One of the content and design challenges was the presentation of data tables within the site. This type of content needs to be carefully considered in order to display it reasonably across all devices and screens, and we were careful to make sure that all users would have access to the data within the tables.

The end result is clean, fresh responsive site that focuses on clear communication of the company’s rationale. It has a logical structure to guide users through the content and combines with clear and strong calls to action.

If you’re looking for an innovative investment model, take a look at Lending Deposit.

I keep coming back to DigitalHappy for no-nonsense, usability focused responsive designs. I value Simon’s advice, based on many years of experience. Professional implementation rounds up an overall very effective collaboration across several projects.

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