Jose Abascal 48

We delivered this attractive, modern and responsive website for the latest high-end property development in the centre of Madrid.

Jose Abascal 48 web design
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Exquisite style in the heart of Madrid

Jose Abascal 48 is the latest luxury property development in the Spanish capital and comprises 17 stunning residences in the Chamberí district. We were asked to design and build the project website, creating a high-end look and feel to communicate the luxury values of the development.

Investigation, planning and wireframes

The brief was to deliver a site with a strong visual lead, and with the support of minimal but carefully crafted copy.

We proposed a tight, minimal site structure that would allow the user to efficiently discover and explore the project. We knew that we would be able to work with some high quality project renders and this helped us to make some key layout decisions at the wireframe stage.

We also we worked closely with the project manager and copywriter when working on the wireframes, making sure that the layouts would showcase the content appropriately.

JA48 responsive web design project

The web project made use of some incredible renders and photography.

Visual design and build

With the wireframes agreed we moved ahead with the visual design, creating modular content elements that we could use around the site to afford us a number of layout options within the same style family.

We brought across the typography from the offline marketing materials for consistent branding and included generous spacing between page events to create a feeling of space, freedom and tranquillity.

We wanted to create a smooth experience for the user and a part of that was to fade up and reveal the content as it came into view, lending a sense of movement and discovery to the site. This was added to by fading in each page’s lead image when it was fully loaded in the page.

As with all our projects, we paid very careful attention to the performance of the site, making sure that the lean, clean code would deliver a fast site. With a very visual site design, we were careful to use responsive images also, delivering to the user an image appropriate to the size of their viewing device and keeping page weight down to a minimum.

The result is a clean, fast and highly attractive site that showcases the luxury residences available at Jose Abascal 48. It allows the user to attain a solid appreciation of the architecture and style of the project, and works together with the other marketing materials to presents a consistent and cohesive brand.

And of course, if you’re in the market for a high-end Madrid residence, you should certainly take a look at Jose Abascal 48.

The brief was to create an elegant website to showcase an exquisite New Development in Madrid, with limited copy and an emphasis on the visual elements. DigitalHappy have delivered just that. Simon’s extensive experience was crucial in ensuring that the site not only looks beautiful but also works quickly and effectively on all devices, essential to the success of the site. We are delighted with the result.

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