Etera Worldwide

We produced a responsive single page website for this innovative provider of global business solutions and networks.

Etera web design project
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    • Front-end development
    • Responsive web design
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Business without borders

Etera Worldwide is a business services provider that works for its clients to achieve a true global reach.

They have an experienced team across the globe who are able to use their insider knowledge of local markets, along with their established networks of business contacts, to provide their clients with seamless global coverage.

A single-page, content-first approach

Etera approached us to design and develop an online presence for them that would quickly and succinctly present their offer and their credentials. They were keen to present a tightly focused message and our initial analysis of their content needs showed that it would be interesting to follow a single-page approach — presenting all key information within different sections of just one page. This resonated with the client and the content was developed accordingly.

We built a menu that would take the user to each key section on the page with a smooth scroll, giving the user an indication of where and how they were moving through the content.

Working with the client, we selected some strong imagery to reinforce the key message of business without borders, and the full-width background images lend a positive impression and a nicely defined look and feel to the page.

Etera web design project

Imagery used to communicate the key message of business without borders.

The content is developed so that it creates a logical flow and makes a strong case for the use of Etera’s services. At the page foot the user is presented with a contact form and is encouraged to engage with Etera about their business services.

This is a clean and simple responsive web site that makes good use of the single page approach. If you’re in need of global network partners for your business, you should certainly take a look at Etera Worldwide.

The web design process with DigitalHappy was very clear and structured, giving us an excellent understanding of what was involved and where we were heading. The final result is just what we wanted: a great-looking online presentation of our company and our services.

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