Doctores Jane

We delivered a modern, responsive web design project for this leading and innovative Barcelona dental practice.

Doctores Jane web design project
  • Project tasks
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    • Responsive web design
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High-end, leading dentistry in Barcelona

Doctores Jane is a dental practice that is known for its excellence, commitment to quality and dedicated team of professionals. This is a high-end practice, situated in a wonderful building in an exclusive neighbourhood of Barcelona.

We were asked to design and build a multi-language web site for the Doctores Jane dental practice, and it was important that we were able to communicate to the user the high-end values and cutting-edge technology found here.

Our initial analysis and investigation led us to look closely at key competitor sites and other online points of reference. We were able to identify with the client some content patterns that worked well, and we also gained an understanding of the type of look and feel that would be appropriate for our client.

Planning, analysis and visual design

We worked up set of initial wireframes to demonstrate the overall site structure and to show our ideas for content distribution across the site. The feedback from the client was very positive and the browser based wireframes allowed everyone involved to understand clearly how the content would display responsively across all screen sizes.

We created a visual design that had a very clean and modern feel, and which reinforced the core values of the practice. We used a calm and professional colour scheme and made good use of whitespace on the pages to allow the content elements to breathe within an overall calming and professional look and feel.

Doctores Jane responsive web design project

We made use of some great imagery to show the practice and their cutting-edge technology.

We wanted to show the quality of the practice’s technology and installations, and we also felt that it was very important to allow the personalities of the key team members to shine through. We asked for a photo shoot to be arranged and the results were excellent, providing us with a set of high-quality images that very effectively showed a team that is happy with their work and at ease with their surroundings.

The site presents clear calls to action to encourage users to make a appointment and to contact the practice, and overall the result of the project is a site that makes a great presentation for this high-quality dental practice.

DigitalHappy are professional, excellent at interpreting the clients’ needs, they know how to work with you and they keep absolutely up to date with what’s going on in the marketplace. We highly recommend them.

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