We work with you to get the best for your business.

From our core web design skills to offline design and branding development, we have the skill set and partner networks to help you to achieve the results that your business demands.

Web design & development

We love designing and developing websites for our clients and helping to make their businesses a success.

We have great experience in listening to our clients’ needs and working with them to produce web sites that really answer their business needs and their users’ requirements.

We take great care to produce modern responsive websites so that your users will have a positive online experience whether they visit your website on their phone, their tablet or their giant television screen. And the code that we use to build our great designs will be as future-proof as possible, and will be up-to-date with modern standards and best practises that will make your site as lightweight and as fast as possible.

We like to work in a highly collaborative manner with our web site clients, going through each phase of the process in agreement and avoiding any surprises or dramas. With a solid design process that involves all key project stakeholders, we can be sure that the passage from analysis and planning to design and delivery is a smooth one.

Great design, expert builds, a collaborative approach and excellent business results for our clients.

  • Email marketing

    Establish and grow better relationships with your customers through effective online marketing.

    If your business is at all online then you probably should be running some form of email marketing. We have excellent experience in creating and managing email marketing campaigns. From the design of newsletters and promotional emails, to the set-up, management and promotion of your email subscriber lists, we can work with you to maximise your online promotion.

  • Branding

    Create the public image and character of your business with a quality logo and brand development.

    If you don’t yet have a logo then we can help with the design and development of your brand. We can work with you to create your logo and develop a style guide for the brand to establish a consistent use of colours, typography and other brand assets. The result is a complete package that affords you solid and consistent branding for your project.

  • Copywriting

    Give your business the right voice and communicate effectively with your clients.

    Never underestimate the importance of good copy on your site. There’s nothing like well-crafted content on your site to create a positive impression and give your brand or product the right voice. We advocate a content-first approach to our web design process and if you need help with your writing, then our talented copywriters can work with you to create the quality copy that your site deserves.

  • Offline design

    Design and develop print materials to support and extend your online presence.

    We have solid experience in the design of offline materials, from corporate brochures to flyers, business cards to financial reports. So if you need supporting print materials for your project, just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll work out how we can help.

  • Application development

    Custom development to build applications that improve your business efficiency.

    From customer relations tools to time management systems, from bookings systems to payment integrations, we have strong development skills and a proven track record in custom application development. Let us know what your project needs and we’ll use our development knowledge and our business skills to deliver a product that works for you and your users.

  • Web audit

    Run a thorough check on the health of your website and identify possible problem areas.

    Perhaps you have an existing website but would like an expert analysis to provide constructive feedback on what is working, what isn’t working and what can be improved? We can analyse and advise from a business, functional and visual perspective, giving you input on what you can do to improve the overall performance of your web site.

We approached Digital Happy to create a fresh, modern, user-friendly design with a strong emphasis on imagery. We could not have wished for a better result. The website is absolutely stunning, perfect for mobile and tablet browsing and with an easy-to-use back-end system. The team are hugely supportive and are always on hand for any technical issues we may have. They are a first-rate design and development company.

Carrie Frais Marketing & PR, Lucas Fox

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