Project sector PR and Marketing


Our web design and development project provides a perfect platform to showcase the PR and media management skills of SCR Media.

Information architecture
Content management
Responsive design
Front-end design
Visual design
SEO optimisation
SCRMedia responsive web design screenshots

Defining a content architecture and a realigned brand presentation

The main objective of this project was to update and improve SCR’s web presence, presenting an online image that is better aligned to their professional client base.

After reviewing all content from their old site, we recommended a major reorganisation of the site structure to reduce clutter and streamline content discovery for the user.

SCRMedia responsive web design screenshots

A refined visual design and positive results

We used colour coding to visually differentiate key site sections and introduced a better defined typographical identity to the site. The result is a much improved visual design and a stronger brand image.

And by creating intuitive relationships between the client’s case studies and core service areas, the site user is now offered a much clearer overview of SCR’s professional abilities and experience.

  • CMS implementation

    Providing easy and intuitive Content Management for the SCR site editors.

  • Multilingual ready

    Reaching out far and wide with a multilingual site build.

  • Brand development

    We applied and extended the client’s brand for this new online presence.

  • SEO optimisation

    We combine our site building skills and SEO awareness to help our client stand out in a competitive space.

  • Content strategy

    Working with the client, we created a balanced and intuitive content schema and flow for the site.

SCRMedia responsive web design screenshots

I gave DigitalHappy a very difficult job — take over a current project and turn it around in one week. Of course they took the challenge and of course they came up trumps. They are so easy to work with and I would recommend them to everyone.

Sheena Campbell-Royle Sheena Campbell-Royle SCRMedia