24 August 2021

Creating a custom property module for Abama Luxury Residences

We were really pleased to design and develop a bespoke property module within our web site for client Abama Luxury Residences.

The existing site design promoted each of the Abama real estate projects without listing individual properties and the marketing team decided to switch their approach and create a new area of the site where users can search and filter all currently available properties across all projects.

Drilling down to the detail

With our extensive experience in designing user interfaces and experiences for the real estate sector, we were very happy to get to work on this. Our initial discovery phase allowed us to get the team’s input on what exactly they wanted to achieve and to set out a clear technical specification for the work.

Using the new spec, we built up a custom property module in the site’s CMS to allow the team to start adding properties to the system as early as possible. This approach meant that we could then design and develop with live property information and confirm that the project expectations fit with the available source data.

Some features of the custom real estate module include allowing admins to publish a property in selected languages on the site; assigning each property to the appropriate project category and property type; creating time-limited special offer pricing; creating custom image galleries for each property.

Designing the UI and seeing great results

With the data model running correctly in the site admin, we turned our attention to the front-end design and development. We worked up wireframes to show the client our intentions for the key UI items: the property search form, the results listings and the property detail layout. With positive feedback, we moved forward with the visual design and build of the interfaces so that the team could see and interact with the new items and get a feel for the user experience.

The new property listings section has been very positively received and users are able to search properties and filter appropriately. This was another great opportunity to use our design and development skills for the real estate sector and we’re really pleased to see positive results from this project.

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