15 July 2020

Always asking the right questions

A crucial part of any web design and development project is the early stage discovery and investigation.

When a client comes to us with a new web project or a feature request for their website, it’s an important part of our job to ask the right questions and really understand the objectives. It’s by questioning and listening that we identify what the client is really looking for and what appropriate solutions we can provide.

And that may mean pushing back against a client’s initial wishes, especially if the client is attached to or invested in a specific direction. But that’s ok. These are all great, positive conversations to have.

A good case in point is a recent mini-project that we carried out as part of our ongoing web design and development support for Abama Luxury Residences. The site managers wanted to feature three specific document downloads more prominently on the site. That sounds easy enough, right?

But when we started to dig a little deeper, we saw greater complexity than at first appeared. By asking the right questions, we were able to identify the real needs which lead to the creation of a document library that allows:

  • documents to be added at any time
  • documents to be categorised by type (e.g. brochure, floor plans etc)
  • documents to be categorised by product
  • documents to be flagged for display in multiple languages on the site
  • documents to be flagged for display as featured items
  • documents to be sorted and displayed by publication date

Our implementation gives the client a very flexible and scalable solution. It may not be what was initially requested, and it may seem more complex than the original request, but it is exactly what they needed. And that’s what we enjoy — always looking to provide solutions which add real value for the client.

Take a look at the Abama document library and of course please get in touch if you have a project of your own to discuss.