07 June 2020

A little interview with EuroVPS

We spoke with hosting provider EuroVPS about our company, clients and what we look for in a hosting provider.

At DigitalHappy we often use EuroVPS for projects where we also need to provide hosting for our clients. My experience with them has been very positive since we started using their services, and above all their support is fantastic — it’s fast, reliable and available 27/7. That’s so important for those occasions where a problem does arise and we need a quick solution.

I was really pleased to be asked to take part in EuroVPS’s Customer Stories series, and chat with them about our company, how we use their services and what we enjoy about working with them.

The transcript is pretty much verbatim although I’m relieved that they did remove any ums and ahs.

Here’s my full customer story, and I can highly recommend EuroVPS for anyone looking for well supported, reliable hosting.