Simon Kelly

by Simon Kelly

A site update for LF Prime

We’ve been busy again with more web design and development within the real estate sector and have recently completed a work sprint on the LF Prime site.

LF Prime is a Lucas Fox project and showcases their portfolio of super exclusive properties. We first launched the site a few months ago with a relatively limited property portfolio, but needed to re-evaluate the UI as we saw the portfolio growing beyond the initial expected size. We’re always happy to respond to a client’s evolving business needs and in this case we looked at more appropriate ways to organise, categorise and present the properties.

We decided to remove the page based navigation which had worked well for the initial 30 or so properties, and instead allow users to filter and search on location, property type and property class. This gives the user a better discovery path, and allows us to present a much streamlined interface.

We also made some performance improvements, introducing a better font-loading strategy and removing what we can to help with a faster render and better critical path. The results are quite impressive and we’re now seeing much improved page speed scores (mostly in the mid nineties/100), which is great for the user and for the site’s search visibility also.

Overall, we’re very happy with the result and with the flexibility it affords the client for future growth of the portfolio. Check out the latest iteration of the site, or read more about our work on the site.