Simon Kelly

by Simon Kelly

End of summer 2017 Round-Up

We’re busy working with existing clients are preparing upcoming projects, and we’ve completed a few projects since our last news update.

Well, it has indeed been quite a while since the last news update!

A recent launch is a new design and build for our good friends at Go English. We’ve designed two previous versions of their site since we began working with them, and we’re very pleased to have collaborated on number three. This latest design and build delivers a more modern web presence and a better experience for their visitors. We’ll be putting up a case study shortly, but in the meantime the new site can be seen at

Another great project to work on was Lucas Fox Prime, a new site for our client Lucas Fox International Properties. As part of our ongoing work with them, we designed and built a new site to showcase their new super luxury and exclusive properties. The case study will be added soon but the site can be seen now at, so go and feast your eyes on some of the stunning properties listed there.

Other recent project include a site for Barcelona real estate developers Arc Properties.. We also designed and built a site for another of Arc’s development projects, Ausias March 49. We’ll be adding case studies for both of these projects shortly.

A smaller project was a re-tooling of an existing site for our friends at Fiesta Events. They wanted a new theme to drop on top of an existing site and the result is a nice, straightforward presentation of their new venture, GPS Team Events. And yes, a case study will be on its way shortly.

There are a few more ongoing projects that we’re excited to be working on right now, plus of course our ongoing design and development for existing clients. So we’re happily busy, but of course equally happy to speak about new projects. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your web design and development ideas with us.