Simon Kelly

by Simon Kelly

April 2016 Round Up

A good month of ongoing client support along with some new collaborations and client partnerships.

Ongoing project development and support

We’ve been working as usual on lots of ongoing client work for Lucas Fox, helping to consolidate and develop their web presence. Over the last month we pushed live a reworked home page, with a few key changes to the way we structure and present the information displayed. One new element was the removal of a slider that was used to showcase featured items. We’ve consistently found that user engagement with sliders drops off significantly for all but the first slide, and the decision was taken to remove this element and replace it with a series of card style items. The aim is to increase user engagement with the featured items and this change also allows us to reduce both the JS and CSS footprint on the home page, and so get a faster page load.

We also introduced reworked visual presentations of both the Locations and the Services features on the home page. The new Services section makes use of icons to help guide users to key company services, and the Locations are presented with much greater prominence. The featured locations are now shown in a photo grid format for increased visual impact and also allows us to associate a lifestyle benefit to each location.

We’ve also rationalized the layouts used in the content heavy areas of the site, switching to a vertical, sidebar style navigation (on larger screens) and tidying up content for the main body content. You can see these new styles, for example, on the About pages and the Services pages.

We also have also another website currently in progress for a new Barcelona real estate development and this is another collaboration with Lucas Fox and the property developer. We’re at quite an advanced stage on this and the visual design direction is in place and signed off. We’ll be moving ahead with the site build and CMS integration shortly and we’re aiming to have the site up and running before the end of the month.

Collaborations with other agencies

We’re also working on a site build for a Barcelona graphic design agency. They’ve provided us with a design and we’re working on the front-end build and CMS integration. It’s been really interesting to collaborate with other designers and to see how they work, and it’s useful to get an insight into their processes and design approach. We’re looking forward to completing and launching the project shortly.