Simon Kelly

by Simon Kelly

December 2015 Round-Up and a Happy New Year 2016

While December was a short working month we were busy as usual with ongoing client work and the preparation of some new projects.

Coming up in the next few weeks is the delivery of a new real estate project and we’re also particularly looking forward to completing an e-commerce site for a new client. There will also be the usual support work for ongoing client projects and we’re full of ideas and energy following the end of year holidays.

A Happy New Year 2016

We’d like to thank all of our clients for their collaboration with us over the last year, and we wish them all a happy and prosperous New Year! We look forward to continuing our work into 2016 and of course, we’re always pleased to hear from new clients about exciting projects!

Reading list

First up, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is fantastic and here is a post from Mashable that tries to answer some questions raised in the film. (Warning: don’t read this if you haven’t seen the film yet!)

We design, build and manage a lot of email campaigns and here is a good overview of how we can implement effective tracking and analysis of the sends.

Here’s The Year in Design from a man that is always worth listening to, and here’s a post with much to say about The Website Obesity Crisis.

On a more technical level we’ve been playing around with PostCSS and so far are enjoying what we see. I’m sure we’ll be using this more in upcoming projects.