Simon Kelly

by Simon Kelly

November 2015 Round-Up

November has come and gone and we’re now scarily close to the end of the year. This was another busy month for us with ongoing projects and some interesting new client work also.

A new project for Madrid’s latest luxury property development

A new launch is the website we built for Jose Abascal 48, a high-end Madrid property development. The site is an integral part of the development’s marketing campaign, and we were asked to produce a luxury look and feel to reflect and support the brand. We took a very visual approach, making good use of the images and renders available to us, and supporting them with carefully crafted, minimal copy. We’re pleased with the results and look forward to seeing how it performs alongside the other marketing and promotional materials.

Diving deep into HTML emails

As part of our ongoing work for Lucas Fox, we spent some time this month looking at the templates we use for their email marketing campaigns. Building solid HTML email templates can be such a tricky area die to the wide gulf between the capabilities of the most popular email clients (yes, Outlook, I’m looking at you), and when we throw in the need for our emails to be responsive, there is an extra layer of complexity to consider.

We spent a few hours rationalising the templates and making sure that the design patterns and code snippets were consistent. The result is a leaner, cleaner codebase and a simplified set of templates that the client can easily use for their campaigns.

Among this month’s campaigns was a special promotional email to offer a free download of the Lucas Fox Q1-Q2 Market Report, a mailout for a new Barcelona property development and the November edition of LFStyle.

A little housekeeping with Google Webmaster Tools

We also found some time to do a little housekeeping on our own site. We’d seen that there were a few Google search listings that were very old and which we felt were polluting our listings. So we fired up Webmaster Tools and were able to have these old result removed. The process was very straightforward and here’s the official Google documentation on removing content from search listings.

Reading List

Owl Carousel 2 is a lovely responsive slider with lots of easily configurable options, and we used this on our project for Jose Abascal 48 project.

Perf Rocks is a fantastic place to find articles and resources on web performance, and WPO Stats is the place to find real-life examples of how good web performance will have a positive impact on business metrics and user experience. Also performance related is this Smashing Magazine article on perception management.

For email marketing, Mailchimp has an interesting report of subject line comparisons, and this is a handy reference guide for email CSS support.

And finally, a good analysis of how simplicity wins over an abundance of choice, and let’s hear it for the wonderful HTML5 Boilerplate Apache config file.