Simon Kelly

by Simon Kelly

October 2015 Round-Up

It’s been another busy month at DigitalHappy with lots of ongoing support of existing projects and the delivery of some new client work.

We mentioned last month that we were working on a small site for a new property development in Barcelona and indeed our site for Balmes141 was recently finished and launched. It’s a small, multi-language, responsive web site with content management and it showcases the properties available within the development.

As part of our work for Lucas Fox we also designed their lifestyle blog and this month Issue 1 of the new LFStyle email newsletter was sent out.

We designed and built the template for integration with MailChimp, our favourite email send platform, and you can see the inaugural issue here.

Fresh projects

We’ve started work on another property site, this time for a very high-end property development in Madrid and we’re really pleased to have the chance to work on a site for a really exclusive product. We’ve been collaborating with the client on the wireframes and are currently building up the responsive prototypes. The final site will be launched in mid-November.

We’re also working on a new retail web project and we’re looking forward to using Shopify as the e-commerce platform. We’ve completed a very productive wireframing stage and will next be building up some initial templates and designs.

Reading list

First up is NavNav, a great collection of responsive navigation patterns and demos with lots to look into. Zeldman wrote a great post about web performance today and reminded us that Designing for Performance is free to read online.

Here’s a slidedeck providing a useful responsive web design recap and we were really pleased to see this transcript and slides of Scott Jehl’s talk, Delivering Responsibly. While we’re talking about performance, here’s a nice tool to help calculate a performance budget for your site.

Everyone has JavaScript, right? Well, no. And there are no excuses!

Finally, there was the latest Star Wars trailer and a Medium post about Luke Skywalker, Sith Lord. Delve into the comments and replies to while away several hours.