• Posted 02/04/18

    A site update for LF Prime

    We’ve been working on an updated interface and content organisation for LF Prime’s luxury property portfolio.

  • Posted 06/09/17

    End of summer 2017 Round-Up

    We’re busy working with existing clients are preparing upcoming projects, and we’ve completed a few projects since our last news update.

  • Posted 02/05/16

    April 2016 Round Up

    We’ve been busy with lots of ongoing client support and some interesting new collaborations too.

  • Posted 20/03/16

    March 2016 Round-Up

    A review of what we’ve been doing in the first quarter of 2016, with some new projects and ongoing design and development.

  • Posted 04/01/16

    December 2015 Round-Up and a Happy New Year 2016

    It’s been a great 2015 and we look forward to a happy and exciting 2016.

  • Posted 29/11/15

    November 2015 Round-Up

    A new site launches for a Madrid property development, we dive into some HTML email development and work on tidying up our search listings.

  • Posted 31/10/15

    October 2015 Round-Up

    It’s been a hectic month with some fresh new projects and lots of ongoing client support.

  • Posted 02/10/15

    September 2015 Round-Up

    A look at our design and development output for September 2015.

  • Posted 16/09/15

    Saying hello to the new DigitalHappy website

    It was long overdue but we finally managed to get the new website off the ground with a new look, an updated portfolio and a site build that better reflects what what do for our own clients.